Book review: Liberty Silk


Kate Beaufoy’s debut historical novel Liberty Silk tells the story of three women living in different but equally glamourous eras. Based on the letters of Beaufoy’s grandmother written in the aftermath of the First World War, Liberty Silk is captivating from beginning to end; you’ll definitely struggle to put it down!

The story begins in 1919, where newly wed Jessie is on her honeymoon with her penniless artist husband; travelling across Europe enjoying the freedom of a post war world. However, when she suddenly finds herself left alone in France, she is forced to use her wits to survive, until a chance encounter rockets her into a dizzying Parisian high society in the midst of the roaring twenties.

Fast forward to 1945, where ordinary Baba Macleod has reinvented herself as the sassy, beautiful screen siren Lisa La Touche, and is riding high in Hollywood. But she’s soon to learn that fame always comes at a price, and she will have to make tough decisions that will change the path of her life forever.

The final part of the trio is Cat, a confident, independent young photographer who is determined to live life to the full. Finding herself in London in 1965, headstrong Cat decides to shun the music and fashion scenes and instead throws herself headfirst into capturing the injustices of war. But just where will her journey take her?

Liberty Silk is the beautifully written story of three women who are intricately linked across the ages in their struggle to survive and to fight for what they love.