Pearl Haber, Miss Malta, 2014

Date of Birth: 9/11/89

Where do you live? Floriana

Status: Single

Star Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: English Support Teacher

Pearl attended St. Dorothy’s School. She had to study very hard to obtain average grades, but this instigated her to work even harder to achieve her goals. She became a determined individual who doesn’t give up, even when faced with obstacles but she simply fights even harder.

Regardless of the challenges she has faced, Pearl has always managed to pick herself up and to keep moving forward. She graduated from the University of Malta in 2012, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Since then, she has been working as an English Support Teacher at Stella Maris College, in Gzira.

Pearl looks forward to continuing her studies and hopes to obtain a Masters Degree and maybe even take things further than that. She is now looking forward to a year full of activities, events and appearances. She is especially looking forward to representing Malta in Jordan in the coming days.

You are the Winner of Miss Malta, 2014. How has your life changed since you were awarded this title?

Winning such a title has always been on my bucket list, although it still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m the winner of Miss Malta, 2014. Probably this is because I haven’t had the time to think and reflect upon this achievement, since I have been very busy with interviews, shoots, and preparations that need to be taken care of before travelling to Jordan in the coming days.

What is the main difference between being a model and a participant of a beauty pageant?

In my opinion, it is very important to distinguish between being a fashion model and a participant in a beauty pageant. We are used to seeing rail thin models walking the catwalks all over the world. A fashion model is supposed to be tall, thin and beautiful or have a particularly unique look.

On the other hand, a beauty pageant participant is representing real women. These women are usually tall, curvy, beautiful, poised and well-spoken. They are the embodiment of femininity and regular women find it easier to relate to these women because their image is closer to reality than that of a fashion model.

Perhaps, it is important to put this message across as there are so many negative images when it comes to beauty, especially to our younger generations who soak up anything that they hear or read on social media networks. Certain comments are absurd, because beauty pageant participants and fashion models come from two very different categories, and judging them on the same standards and expecting them to be similar is pointless. To my mind, it is therefore important to distinguish between the two, before attempting to criticise one or the other.

Do you think that your name and surname (Pearl Haber) helps with getting audiences to remember you?

I have had a love-hate relationship with my name for as long as I can remember, but I believe that it does help people remember me. Although having a catchy name can have its benefits, there is also the down side. Over the years, I have become used to it and I actually quite like it now. In fact, I wouldn’t want to have any other name.

How did you get into modelling, who can be one?

I got into modelling at the age of 19, when I entered a local modelling competition. I remember I had very low self-esteem back then and I worked very hard to address my self-esteem issues and to present the best version of myself that I could possibly be.

I dedicated a lot of time and effort but in the end, it paid off because I placed among the top seven participants in that competition. Thanks to this experience, both my self-esteem and my image improved. I believe a model is a blank canvas and all the different sides of her are portrayed on this canvas, even her perceived flaws may maximise her beauty.

I really believe that there is no particular check list that every model must adhere to. Since beauty is subjective, if it is their passion then anyone can try their luck at modelling. If they are successful, then good luck to them, if they are not, they can just say “I’ve tried, but it’s not for me.”

What is your take on physical fitness?

Personally, I believe that physical fitness is essential in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t always very keen on training and fitness but once I started working out with my personal trainer, Randolph Mizzi, I began to love it and now, I can’t imagine my life without training. It is only difficult until you start training and once you start seeing results, you would not want to stop.

In your opinion, is it destiny or hard work that makes someone successful?

I think it is a mixture of both, but I believe that success comes to those who work hard for it. If you put yourself in a mental state of imagining that something has already happened before it actually does, thus giving yourself the opportunity to see yourself as though you have already achieved your goals, then you will very likely be successful.

As regards to destiny, I believe that God puts you in the right place and situation at the right time, but it is up to you to work hard for what you want. You can be given a million opportunities, but if you make up a million excuses or give up with the first obstacle, then of course, success will not be achieved.