Obscene Or Just Funny? Bizarre Training Exercise Tools


Being part of a society where most of us have sedentary jobs, exercise is usually hard to come by, especially as after an eight-hour working day, most of us tend to prefer going out with friends or a partner to relieve the stress, or else just organising stay-at-home DVD nights and wallow in a session of couch potatoing.

Many of us, however, realise that this attitude does nothing to help our figure, or our health. As such, we try and dream of ways in which to burn the most number of calories, with the least effort possible. There in fact exists a vast market for exercise equipment and tools which promises just that – burning up fat and toning your body, whilst not breaking a sweat and also having the time to do something else at the same time! We hear it in commercials on T.V, not to mention in magazine adverts. In my own quest for the perfect (not to mention cheapest) exercise tool, I came across a number of items which, I admit, definitely stretched my imagination to its limits. Here goes:


The Shake Weight – This strengthening and toning device is officially marketed as an oscillating dumbbell, though, if one uses his imagination, something else seems to come to mind. Adverts promote the way this tool can help to produce a more solid and hard upper body, as well as help one to burn off steam, and tone one’s muscles.

It is important to note that the Shake Weight does not need batteries (now THAT is a plus). All you’ve gotta do is give your arms a shake! There are various exercises and positions which one may use when training with this innovating (not to mention sexually evocative) device. People are also encouraged to change hands as required, as well as switch angles.

Although the Shake Weight was primarily targeted at women (I wonder why), a heavier, and longer, version for men also exists.

Is this for real? Basically, I think the South Park parody says it all.


The Free Flexor – Another dumbbell, this one promoting a better circulation, apart from toning and strengthening of the muscles. I have nothing to add here, apart from the fact that the Shake Weight seemed to have opened the way for an entirely new range of equipment featuring blatantly sexual and phallic symbology. Am I the one with the dirty mind or do you see what I see?


The Huffington Post described it as ‘the subtle art of looking like you’re pleasuring yourself while toning your muscles’, while T.V comedian and showman Jimmy Kimmel not only saw the humour in these indecently suggestive devices, but also produced a parody of such fitness tools, promoting it in his show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. This is the Tug Toner!


Do you think this kind of ‘equipment’ actually works, or is it just a gimmick? Have you ever seen such tools at your local gym or bought one for personal use at home?