Ruth Frendo


Date of Birth: 19th May 1979

Where do you live: Currently in Bugibba but planning to (hopefully!) start living in Mosta as from this November.

Status: Very happily married

Star Sign: Taurus

Main occupation: TV Producer / Presenter, Magazine Editor

Media-related occupation: TV Producer / Presenter, Magazine Editor

Ruth Frendo is an established producer, presenter and writer who has worked continuously for the past 12 years and is responsible for over 5,500 hours of television programming. These include prime-time talk shows, children’s programmes, documentaries, cultural programmes and many others.

Ruth has also published a number of articles in international publications (UK and USA) and is the Magazine Editor of GWIDA magazine, Malta’s top selling magazine. In addition, Ruth has worked as PRO for an international song contest.

Presently, she is working on her final thesis for a Masters Degree in PR and Media with the University of Sheffield, Hallam (UK). Over the years, she has attended an impressive number of training courses overseas to gain a greater knowledge of public relations and media.

Currently, together with Charlo C Bonnici, she is producing the popular cinema-related programme called Popcorn on ONE, as well as producing and writing Malta’s first stop-motion animation series aimed for pre-schoolers called Teddyland.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

This is a bit of a tricky question. Money can help you buy experiences for yourself and your loved ones. But money cannot buy you happiness. Although money is a necessity for everyday life, yet your life most certainly cannot just be focused on this aspect only. That would be too sad.

What’s the fashion item you couldn’t live without?

Jeans – I own countless pairs and I love them all!

What type of gadgets do you prefer?

I must admit that I’m not tech savvy. Yet, my two favourite gadgets are my mobile and my laptop.

What is your favourite thing in your whole house or in your room?

I try not to attach myself too much to material things. Having said that, there’s this small ceramic Noah’s Ark, which I just fell in love with during my honeymoon in California. Looking at all those cute animals peering over the sides just makes me happy.

What is it that you would never buy? And why?

There are three items which I would never dream of buying:

  1. Canned tuna fish – yuckkkkkk! Just writing the words make me sick.
  2. A fur coat. Too cruel.
  3. Orange coloured clothes. The colour simply doesn’t suit me.