The First Malta Comic Expo

Are you a fan of comics, manga and anime? Have you religiously attended the Malta Comicon since its inception in 2009? Well, if you have nodded to at least one of these questions, you are in for a treat this year!

Annually for the past five years, we have enjoyed Comicon – that marvellous event which has been hosted at St James Centre of Arts and Creativity. This has helped young local artists develop their talents and present their works alongside internationally acclaimed ones who will also be showcasing their works. This year, there is yet another event programmed for all comic-hero lovers, not to mention cartoon lovers.

The Malta Comic Expo will provide a forum for artwork display, interpretation and discussion. It will delight both art fans and art creators, in that it will be a dynamic medium where they can meet and integrate.

Local and foreign actors will also be present with the artists. There will be the Maltese actor, Joseph Gatt, who acted in Thor and took part in Game of Thrones, among others. Dirk Benedict, known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Starbuck, in the original Battlestar Galactica series. Sylvester McCoy, who played the role of the 7th Dr Who, and more recently the Wizard Radagast in The Hobbit Trilogy, and many many others. There will be panels where fans will be able to ask questions and speak directly to the artists.

Delighting those who love Cosplay that is, dressing up as their favourite anime/cartoon characters, there will be a number of cosplay competitions, where the creation of one’s own costume will be evaluated and prizes will be awarded.

The event also caters for console gamers. There will be an open console area where game-lovers will be able to play freely with different types of consoles. They will be even able to play and compete against each other during the event. A number of formal tournaments will be hosted for popular games, such as Tekken, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, and Mortal Combat, to name but a few. For all board game and role playing lovers, there will be the chance to sample these as well.

The Malta Comics Expo will take place at the Malta Conference Centre in Valletta between 31 October and 2 November. There are a number of ticket packages on offer, varying from €5 to €62, depending whether one is purchasing a simple one-day student ticket or the Special Advanced Ticket Offer, which includes a Halloween Night Concert ticket, together with VIP seating for all the talks and panels, a three-day pass and many free goodies. One can also buy a ticket for the Exclusive Expo After Party which is taking place at Surfside in Sliema on 2 November. This will be a great chance to meet all the artists while enjoying an open bar!

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Note – The Comic Expo is not to be confused with the Malta Comicon, which will be taking place on 29th and 30th October.

More information about this other event can be found here: