Eve Interview with Amy Talbot of Talbot & Bons

With the Talbot & Bons Live Music Marathon scheduled to take place between 17 – 19th October, I met with one of the organisers, Amy Talbot, to get a better idea of what is taking place during this event.

What triggered the idea to start these charity events?

We have always wanted to organise a live music marathon, since both myself and Alan, both owners of Talbot & Bons, love live music. We are pleased to be able to give established artists the opportunity to perform regularly during our live music Wednesdays at Talbot & Bons. When it comes to upcoming artists, they are given the opportunity to perform as supporting acts.

So this led us to consider organising this live music marathon. However, we wanted to do even more than this… we wanted to make a difference, albeit possibly a small one the first time round, to those in need… so we decided to organise it in aid of charity.

We heard that personalities are spending the night in a sleeping bag. Is this true?

Yes, when we were speaking to YMCA manager, Maria Sammut, we came up with the idea of replicating the successful challenge which used to be held in Valletta, The YMCA homeless personalities challenge. We have had a lot of positive feedback in this regard and a number of personalities will be attending. Just to mention a few, there will be members of parliament, actors, TV presenters, footballers and so many more. Amongst these names we have Xandru Grech, MP Silvio Schembri, MP Ian Borg, Owen Bonnici (One night stand), Claire Agius Ordway, Mark & Louise Doneo, Salvu Mallia, Keith Demicoli and many more.

What will the event consist of?

Spread over 50 hours with non-stop music, the Festival will feature some 45 acts with musicians and bands covering a diversity of genres. Kicking off at 3pm on Friday, the marathon will see the participation of heavy weights Nadine Axisa, Claudia Faniello, Olivia Lewis, Pamela Bezzina, Glen Vella and Rachel Fabri, among others. The Vinny Vella Quartet, the Jes Psaila and Friends, Carl Borg Band and the Harry Eddleston trio, all known for their distinctive jazz contributions will also take part. Gianluca Bezzina will be closing the event on Sunday.

Other names include dynamic musical trio Dumtak, who are expected to cover genres ranging from rock to pop and jazz, and folk / acoustic duo Kizum Klof. Musicians Alwyn Borg Myatt, Infinite Loop, The Residents, Fiona Cauchi, Ellipse Criminal Kiss, Sandrina & Keith (Kiko), Dbanned, Maria & Norbert and Ben Purplle will also be taking part.

The marathon will offer different vibes during different times of the day. The evening will continue with some jazz numbers, while Saturday mornings will take on a more child-friendly note with animation, attractions and music repertoire that will also appeal to the little ones.

Who can attend?

Everyone can join us as we will have various attractions. There will also be an open weekend at SkyParks.

What are you hoping to achieve and how can our readers help?

At Talbot & Bons, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and thus we decided to organise this event which we know our clients will enjoy and that will also help some people with specific needs.

Our target is to reach €10,000 over the weekend. We are convinced that with the generosity of our patrons, combined with that of the artists and other participants, we will succeed in achieving our goal.” Talbot & Bons owner Amy Talbot said.

Funds will be raised through a variety of activities, such as art auctions, merchandise, donations, subsidised food items, raffles and so much more.

Donations can be made via SMS on the following numbers:

€2.33        50617308
€4.66         50617909
€11.65       50619296

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Writes for eve.com.mt Roberta McCarthy