Express yourself online

Content creation on the internet is taking the idea of self-expression and distribution to a whole new level. Those who create content can upload videos, share photos and write blogs onto a variety of platforms, reaching an infinite number of people. Promotion is carried out over social media and people are making a living out of their online careers.

Many of the younger generation make use of the internet to get their dose of entertainment. Whether it is to watch TV shows, read online blogs that appeal to their interests or watch their favourite online personality, the internet offers a vast list of producers that cater for any type of consumer.

Professional content creators are evolving their niche of content to better target their audience. YouTube personalities are tallying audiences of millions. Conventions and seminars are being held with thousands in attendance and big businesses are beginning to take an interest.

A recent deal of $500 million between multi-channel network company, Maker Studios Inc. and The Walt Disney Company shows that online content creation is taking a new step forward, helping push online content for big companies.