London Fashion Week Designed Statement Accessories

Mawi Mawi Mawi Mawi Mawi Daisy Knights Daisy Knights Daisy Knights Daisy Knights

In the world of fashion, we keep talking about statement pieces, especially when it comes to accessories. Over the past couple of years, it’s all been about statement necklaces, the larger and more elaborate the better. There’s been a recent shift towards dainty jewellery again, chunky statement pieces are still popular of course but more and more, I’m seeing people within the industry who are opting for more classical, less bombastic jewellery. However, this doesn’t mean to say there’s no longer an interest in statement pieces. Actually, they’re more popular than ever but now it’s about the bags, the shoes, the hats and so on.

At London Fashion Week, all the shows and the street style get all the attention but one of the best things about it is actually venturing around the showrooms. This year, 150 designers were exhibited and meeting the designers whilst viewing their collections was really interesting. Two designers I met have totally embraced the statement accessory route and have created some wonderful statement accessories.

The brand MAWI is led by Mawi herself who was born in Manipur, Northwest India and Managing Director Tim Awan. MAWI started out as a jewellery brand and was a very big hit. However, they have branched out into bags, exquisitely beautiful ornamental bags. These bags define the idea of a statement bag. The great thing about a bag like this is that your outfit actually needs absolutely nothing else – the bag is more than enough. A plain black dress accessorised with one of these bags will be given a huge fashion uplift.

Daisy Knights is a British jewellery designer with a very bubbly personality. She is launching a brand new collection which is about adding jewellery to your shoes – to your laces as a matter of fact. The collection is called ‘The Lace Dimes’ and features Daisy’s signature feather and skull designs. The pieces sit either on the lace eyelets or on the base of the tongue. I love the idea of personalising my trainers in this manner. There are small designs that even more conservative dressers will like and then the larger more bombastic pieces that are not for any shrinking violets.