Nick Morales

Date of birth: 24 July 1981

Where do you live? Haz-Zebbug

Status: Not single

Star Sign: Leo

Main occupation: Musician

Media-related occupation: Singer

Nick Morales came kicking and screaming into this world on the 24th July 1981. After a while, he realised that he had a nasty passion for music. Since he first picked up an instrument, he has played in numerous local outfits including Thera, Yellow Poppers, Try See Kill, Oblong, Lynch, Noetic, No Bling Show, Carrie Haber, Mikaela, MsLeads, Of the Owl, For Strings Inn, amongst many others.

Nick spends most of his time playing with his bands ‘nosnow/noalps’ and ‘dripht’. Recently, he joined the band, Sempliciment tat-Triq and went on tour with them. Producing music videos, promoting concerts, travelling and cooking are also some things he likes to do, and is now planning to move to Copenhagen with his band nosnow/noalps.

Nick has also brought a number of foreign acts to Malta. He has also organised many concerts and festivals, including Koopa (UK), TAT (UK), Nada (Denmark), Age of Orange (Germany), Siamese Fighting Fish (Denmark), My Drug Hell (UK), Jesper Ejrup (Denmark), AIM (Italy) and rock the south festival.

Nick has also directed, produced, filmed and edited twenty five local and foreign music videos under nosweat Productions.

Here’s the link to the videos:


When was your band group nosnow/noalps formed and what type of music do you play?

The band was formed in 2007. We play indie/alternative rock with influences from punk, ska, reggae, funk and soul.

What’s a hobby you spend money on?

I spend most of my money on music and travel.

What is your best asset?

My best asset is that I always do what I put my mind to.

What was your biggest failure to date?

None. I try to always look at the bright side of things.

Which instruments can you play?

Guitar, drums, bass and anything that makes a sound.

On what did you spend the largest amount of money at one go?

Probably on my equipment like guitar and amps.