Sarah Harrison

Date of Birth: 02/09/1990

Where do you live? London

Star Sign: Virgo

Main occupation: DJ

Media-related occupation: Radio Personality

Maltese-born, London-living SARAH HARRISON caused a seismic shift in the scene when she landed in it just over one year ago.  From previously meeting with music royalty Quincy Jones to touring with rap legend Snoop Dogg as a singer, who discovered Sarah’s original music on SoundCloud, Harrison’s hustle has always been of a novelty. But her spontaneous mission to become the DJ as she is known today, has been the most noteworthy thus far.

Releasing her first ever mix in October 2012, her passion for hip-hop music, particularly the Trap niche, soon gave her the LadyInTheTRAP (or UK Lady of Trap’) trademark. Her self-titled weekly Wednesday radio show on London’s BANG 103.6 FM has fast elevated, attracting a wide listener-ship both in the UK and US.  The Sarah Harrison Show prides itself on not just breaking records, but breaking acts across the pond, dropping exclusive tracks and interviews.  In early 2013, Sarah landed the Tour DJ spot for UK Garage legends So Solid Crew, and in the latter part of that year, the Official DJ title for UK Female MC Paigey Cakey.

Sarah Harrison is a name frequently billed on line-ups for parties such as Faded, Vinyl London, LoveDough and Pardon My Blog to name a few. She has also hosted large industry events.  A notable trip to Atlanta for The International Music Conference last September, where she was Host DJ, opened up a corridor of doors, with new transatlantic opportunities, which are currently being developed.

Most recently in New York, Sarah found herself on the set of BET 106 & Park and was invited to the Hot 97 studios by Cipha Sounds, where she was warmly welcomed by The Hot 97 Morning Show team, particularly Peter Rosenberg. And with a feature mix on The Hot 97 Street Team’s The Tape 1.5 dropping soon, let’s just say that this lady has definitely got people TRAPped!!

What is your real connection to Malta?

I was born and raised in Malta, as were my parents. All my extended family resides in Malta. My roots are firmly Maltese and everything about me relates back to the Island somehow.

How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

As far as I can remember; I’ve sang all my life, from a little 2 year old in my aunt’s choir.

What would you never, ever buy and why not?

A motorbike – I have no intention to ever even ride one, never mind own one. It’s such a dangerous vehicle.

What was your biggest failure to date?

No such thing as failure; just stepping stones to greater opportunities.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I try not to think about it too much. Time and money are two concepts I try not to let occupy my life.

What are your weaknesses?

Over-thinking and perfectionism.