Pig, the Alabama Dog Sensation

Alabama sensation and online star who has been given the name, Pig, is a female mixed-breed born with an unusual condition. This has left her with no neck and a body that looks like it has been chopped in half. The dog suffers from short spine syndrome and has bones that have been fused together.

Weighing only about 7 kilos, Pig was rescued as a puppy from the woods in Atlanta. Due to her missing ribs and her short spine, Pig finds it difficult to eat large meals without getting out of breath. However, the playful four-legged pet runs around with an unusual gait and does not seem to realise that there is anything wrong with her.

A true example and testimonial to be yourself and be happy, Pig is like nothing else anyone has ever seen. Her condition is interesting to her veterinary doctor who describes Pig as healthy and happy. It seems that thanks to the love of her owner, Pig seems to be getting on with life pretty well and doesn’t seem to think that she is in any different to any other dog.

We wish her a long and happy life!