Relationship Advice, Age difference

I am 36 years of age and I am madly in love with a guy who is 24. He also loves me but the problem is the age difference between us and we don’t know how to go about it because of our parents. Please advise me on what I should do.


Dear A.,

Love is faceless and boundless. It knows no limitations or regulations. That having been said, twelve years is not such a big difference – just enough for you both to have two diverse perspectives of life, enough for you both to learn from each other and to enjoy a colourful contrast.

Imagine, if the roles had been reversed, if you had been 24 and your boyfriend 36, would your parents have still felt there was a problem? Is it because the older of the couple is a woman that the situation seems strange? Have your parents ever met the person you love and have they seen you together? I am sure that once they see how happy he has made you, and what a dynamic and interesting couple you are, they will be pleased for you.

The fact remains that you will never know what they think unless you tell them. Why don’t you calmly speak to them about your partner? Tell them how much you love him and that it would be very important for you that they meet him. Tell them he is a bit younger than you, but that they would soon see that it is not all that relevant, once they have met him.

I’m sure that when they speak to him, perhaps whilst eating a good meal, they will realise that the happiness of their daughter is more important that society’s idea of a couple’s age difference.

Go for it! All the best!

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