We Were On A Break!


‘We were on a break!’ Now, whether you’re a diehard fan of the hit TV show Friends, if you’ve only ever watched it in passing, or even if you’ve never even see it, the chances are you will have heard of this famous phrase more times than you can count.

For fans of Friends, the ongoing will they / won’t they that was Rachel and Ross was one of the most compelling storylines of the series; as far from being a perfect relationship, it was fascinating to see them struggle through the obstacle course of problems that are totally familiar to real life couples.

One of the most interesting examples of this is in the now notorious episode The One With The Morning After, when Rachel accuses Ross of cheating on her when they were briefly separated, insisting that they hadn’t broken up but were ‘on a break’ and that there was a difference.

The phrase became a running joke in the series and although the episode aired over ten years ago, it’s still scarily relevant today. Think about how many people you know who happily and clearly state that they are ‘In a Relationship.’ Now think of the amount of people who are; seeing someone / friends with benefits / not putting a label on it / dating / hooking up / texting etc.

Confused? Me too. We’ve created a complex dating minefield for ourselves that nobody really seems to be able to get the hang of. I mean really. What on earth does ‘not putting a label on it’ even mean?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m just too straight forward, but I can honestly say that I’ve got no problem at all with asking for clarification at any point in the dating process, and it means that far from re-reading and over-analysing a two line text like I’ve seen some of my friends do a million times before, I know where I stand. And although it might take some of the mystery away from everything, at least I’ll always know if we really are on a break or not.