Five Things You Should Do While At University

It’s the last pit stop before embarking on a world of work and responsibility.

So, you may ask, how should you spend your last few years as a student?

By the time most people get to university, they are just craving adulthood and working life; and who can blame them? After years in the system, graduating can feel like a ticket to freedom.

All this, however, often leads to students missing out on some of the best experiences available to them; experiences reminisced over for years and years.

What are these experiences? Glad you asked!

Be part of a student organisation: Whatever course you’re in, there is at least one organisation that might interest you, and being a part of something like this will teach you more about working life than all your modules put together. Student organisations teach you what it’s like to work in a team, give you a sense of discipline, and make you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Be in one and work your ass off – it’s worth it.

Travelling: Whether your parents can afford to give you money to go abroad or you have to work to save up, travelling is definitely something you should do as a student. Go to Florence and revel in Europe’s renaissance; go to Kenya and experience true wilderness; visit New York to see what our era’s civilisation is capable of; and go to a third-world country to see just how good you have it – and while you’re there, be selfless and give your time and strength to helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. Travelling, in fact, is the best way to not only broaden your horizons but to ground yourself and become a truly modern person with a social conscience to boot.

Partying: Studying is definitely very important, but partying is the rebellious-act-of-choice of this generation. Head to a club and lose yourself in the music, hang out with friends and talk about everything and anything. Live life on the metaphorical edge, and – so long as you’re responsible and moderate (out of common sense and not authority – your partying days will be some of the best memories you’ll have to speak of.

Have no inhibitions: Let go of your worries and try out whatever you want to try out. Write an article and get it wrong, pick up and camera and take photos of the landscape, try and be in a relationship, be adventurous, go camping for three days and don’t shower. In other words, don’t limit yourself: people will forgive and forget, but time will not.

Being a student: The thing most students forget to do is to just enjoy being a student. Yes, exams and assignments are no fun, but student-life can be one of the best periods of your life. You will never again have as much freedom, and I don’t just mean free time. Being a student allows you to dream and try out new things, and failure is only a minor setback. You have the freedom to become whatever and whoever you want to become; you have the freedom to focus on your preferred topics, and to focus on bettering yourself. Never in your life will you get such freedom again – learn to enjoy it while it lasts!

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