Pamela Bezzina

Date of Birth: 18th April 1982

Where do you live: Birkirkara

Status: In a Relationship

Star Sign: Aries

Main occupation: Singer / Vocal Coach / Vocal Arranger

Media-related occupation: Singer / Vocal Coach

Pamela hails from Gozo. From a very young age, she showed a great interest in music. Encouraged by her parents, she learnt music theory from the age of five continuing with her studies till adulthood. From the age of seven, she was taught how to play the violin. Pamela also attended singing lessons with a world-renowned opera singer, Prof. B.K. Dobreva, where she trained her voice in classical singing.

While she has always enjoyed creating her own music and playing her guitar with other musicians in various gigs around Malta and Gozo, her unique timbre and soulful voice resulted in her receiving various prestigious awards both locally and overseas.

Although Pamela is still very fond of classical music, she has focused more on soul and gospel music. Her participation in the Malta Song for Europe in the years 2005-2010, 2014 were of great importance for her musical career.

Pamela’s singing has literally taken her right across the world. She has been invited to perform in Romania, China, Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia besides other countries.

During the Eurovision Song Contests for the years 2010 and 2011, she performed as a backing vocalist for the Maltese entrants, Thea Garret in Oslo, Norway and for Glen Vella in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In 2008, one of her dreams became reality, when she, together with fellow singers Glen Vella and Leontine formed Animae Gospel Choir; a professional gospel choir made up of various popular Maltese singers. Besides being choir director, Pamela also writes all the choir’s vocal arrangements. In 2009 and again in 2012, this choir held two grand national concerts where it performed re-arranged popular songs (arrangements by Pamela herself) and gospel classics.

Apart from being a vocalist, Pamela also focuses on vocal coaching new upcoming teenagers and adult singers. This year, Pamela assisted the group Firelight during their preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Pamela has continued her studies so as to advance her musical abilities and vocal studies. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on the study of vocal technique and vocal hygiene amongst Maltese singers.

Pamela holds a Certificate in Estill Voice Training, an intensive course which she attended at the Royal College of Music in London.


How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

From a very young age, I used to listen attentively to every single song I heard. While my school mates were listening to pop songs and boy bands, I was always more interested in relatively complicated music, which included Blues, Jazz and Soul. I listened to Mariah Carey’s riffs and amazing technique, Stevie Wonders’ enormous soul, Aretha Franklin’s amazing vocal arrangements of renowned gospel choirs. And of course, I used to sing and try and interpret most of the songs.

In your opinion, how would you describe Malta’s music scene?

I think that the music scene has developed so much lately. I have always believed that we have great talents on this relatively small island. Also, thanks to the closer international connections most producers and sound engineers are achieving a final product similar to production companies overseas.

Today, young kids and teens have the opportunity to develop their love for music, be it through music schools, vocal coaching, schools and contests abroad etc. This was not the case when I was youngsince there wasn’t much guidance or opportunities. Although it is still very hard to break into the music industry abroad, there are still a lot of opportunities that can mould a singer’s career.

Are you a good cook? What is it that you cook really well?

I guess you’ll have to ask my partner about that! However, I had no idea how to cook until I started living alone. At first I used to alternate between a simple plate of pasta and a sandwich, but then that was too much carbohydrate intake and started experimenting! Nowadays, I can cook many dishes including traditional dishes, such as ross fil-forn(baked rice), timpana(baked pasta), stuffat(stew) and soups!

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing and why?

Definitely dining out! I used to club a lot, nearly every day of the weekend and I don’t regret it one bit. Now I always look for a more tranquil atmosphere for my leisure time. Since my job is always in noisy environments,a nice QUIET restaurant, great food, great company and of course a delicious dessert puts the widest smile on my face J.

What do you think is your best asset?

Hmm.. I think the fact that I am very tolerant and try not to be too judgemental. I try to be very fair and hate giving or receiving preference. I also enjoy leading a simple life although it is not always easy to achieve this with my busy schedule within the entertainment industry.

I value the most precious things in my life which are my beautiful family, my relationship with my partner, my dear friends and the beauty and joy of living.

What would you never, ever buy – and why not?

You can never say never, however I’m sure on this one – One of Simon Cowell’s villas… because I can’t afford it! Haha :)