Fall 2014 – Runway Fashion Trends

If there is one thing that never fails when it is time for runway fashion, it is fur. Patterned, multi-layered, coloured, faux, real fur and of course, designer. It is therefore, no shocker that it has been given such a pivotal importance in the Fall 2014 Runway Fashion trends. From effortless fur, thanks to Dior, to the colourful trend from Prada, the possibilities are endless. Here is an overview of the runway fashion trends you can take inspiration from, whilst shopping for fall clothing.

The art trend that was popular for both Spring/Summer 2014 continues into the autumn, with fun optical prints, such as those from Dries Van Noten and Acne, to the more artisanal details and earth-tones from Burberry. Choose fashion pieces that are simple with a monochromatic theme yet make a statement, such as the extravagant feathers and jewels from Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

Look for fur details, inspired from Rodarte’s shoulder-baring parka accented with fur or Alexander Wang’s collection which had a number of over-sized coats with fur details. Sacai went all out with a Mongolian-lamb biker jacket which was a statement piece with its white furred collar contrasted with the black leather. Prada decided to add more colour to their coats from yellow and red fur, to gold leather.

From the statement looks to the more simple monochromatic ones, the Fall 2014 fashion trends are reminiscent of the 60’s era. Inspired from the sportive chic, monochromatic trends, grey sportswear, and of course lots of fur. Layering is an underlying theme this season, with fashion combinations from Fendi, Burberry and Valentino showing off different textures, designs and materials layered on top of each other.