Showing off that Baby Bump! Pregnant is the new sexy!

In medieval times, it was common practice for pregnant women from the upper classes, not to mention members of the royal family, to be confined to their bedrooms during the last months of pregnancy. On a practical level, this was done to mitigate, and if possible prevent, miscarriages and still-births, at a time when medicine was still very backward, and when it was very common for a woman to die during childbirth.

On a social level, pregnant women were whisked away from society and seemed to fade into the background when they started to show visibly, in that at the time, anything pertaining to female physiology, like for example, menstruation or sexuality, was considered taboo and surely not appropriate for young girls or unmarried men to see.

While certain Chinese, Malay and Indian communities still practice confinement to a certain degree. Nowadays, one can generally state that not only is the baby bump NOT to be hidden away any more, but is, in fact, something to celebrate, show off and to be proud of.

From Angelina Jolie, to Mariah Carey, to Britney Spears, not to mention Shakira, Demi Moore, and Jessica Simpson and others, celebrities proudly showed the world their pregnant bellies. This was not just restricted to celebrities and expectant mums everywhere started to proudly display their tummies. The baby-bump photo shoot craze was definitely on!

While in the past, women would wear loose baggy clothing over their bulging tummies, nowadays it is more than common for mothers-to-be to wear boob tubes, tank tops and crop tops to show off every development and change of their loving bump.

Belly painting is another very common and creative (not to mention cute) trend. It is a unique and colourful way of expressing one’s pregnancy, looking good, and having a fun time.

Ever heard of that ‘pregnancy glow?‘ This is not created just because of happiness. Generally, pregnant women have better skin because of better blood circulation, not to mention an increase in hormones. Pregnant women have also reported having a more heightened sexual appetite, strong sensations, and feeling a more acute sense of pleasure during orgasm.

One theory is that as pregnant women have a faster blood flow, this could slightly engorge the genital area, making it more sensitive. One must keep in mind, however, that not everyone’s body works in the same way, therefore this is not true for everyone. One must always communicate with one’s partner, in order to reach mutual pleasure.

Being pregnant is a way of affirming one’s strength as a woman. It shows how strong and determined a woman can be, while at the same time teaching us that in the end, beauty really comes from within. Every woman should trust in her own personal brand of natural beauty, her own way of being unique and sexy, and in that way, be able to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest.