Fashion Investments For The Colder Months


Despite the sticky, humid weather that is still exasperating us in Malta, by the time September hits, I start organising my wardrobe for the coming colder months. As a person who despises summer, I am usually eager to get back to University and the winter routine.

With the change of weather comes a change in our wardrobe. Winter clothes offer the chance to be more experimental with textures and materials, whereas summer clothes are mostly all cotton and lightweight jersey material.

Here are some of the pieces I will definitely have in my winter wardrobe:


A coat should be one of winter’s investment pieces. It will see you through the whole winter and possibly the one or two that follow. Be experimental with colours and textures. While it would be wise to have a dark coloured coat in your collection, a paler one will give a feminine twist to your outfit.


Who would not want a cosy jumper or two or three, to snuggle into on those cold, rainy days when we are forced to get out of the house for that 8am lecture? Whatever the colour, wool is the material I will be going for.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea style boots have become the ‘it’ pair of boots for me. Having recently invested in a pair similar to the ones in the picture, I cannot get over how they add an edge to the whole outfit. A flat pair is next on the list.


What better bag to invest in to get back into the whole university spirit? Considering the vast choices available online, finding a backpack that fits all your necessities should not be a problem. It’s like the 90s all over again.


Or more like a blanket scarf that you can wrap around you on a cold day. It’s like you never left your bed, more or less.

Statement necklaces

I no longer get excited over pieces of jewellery as I used to and do not buy as much as before. What I do is look for statement pieces that will update any outfit and which I can imagine mixing and matching with different pieces from my wardrobe.