ProNails Astonishes With The Beauty Revelation Of The Year!

The semi-permanent nail polish (otherwise known as gel polish) became an international hit over the past three years, since it took care of exactly that problem: semi-permanents ensure a long lasting wear, as opposed to traditional nail polish. You could say it is a perfect balance between artificial nails and your natural nail. The colours stay on for about two weeks without chipping and they are removed by soaking in solvents containing acetone.

However, albeit their popularity, many women noticed that after a while, their nails were becoming much thinner and more brittle because of repeated soaking in acetone. In fact, a lot of health-minded fashionistas returned to their good old stash of traditional nail polishes.

If you are one of these health conscious fashionistas, we have good news for you! Pronails’ NEW revolutionary system promises more than two weeks of perfectly polished nails with an everlasting shine, while simultaneously protecting the natural nail. So, we proudly welcome you to So Polish Protect and Peel. This system is applied in about twenty minutes by a professional Pronails Nail Technician.

A protective layer known as the ‘Vital Nail Skin’ is first applied on top of your nails. Even though the Nail skin is wafer-thin, it‘s a true hero when it comes to saving the natural beauty of your nails. This is followed by So Polish application and cured under the LED Light in no time.

Should you wish to remove it after a week or two, So Polish Protect and Peel can easily be removed by simply peeling it off your fingernails in just under one minute without damaging your nails, or undergoing time-consuming soaking processes in irritating solvents, such as acetone.

So Polish has an incredible array of colours: you’ll find the latest trendy hits, as well as the more classic and timeless shades.

There is also a matching nail polish for every colour, to make your feet match your hands perfectly.

This revolutionary technology of Belgian origin certainly offers something for every fashionable woman out there.


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