Five Things About Sex No One Teaches You

We may not believe that children are delivered by stork anymore, but there are still a lot of things about sex that no one ever teaches us!

There’s no blowing in blow jobs – If you’re someone who’s never given a blow job, then you might be surprised to find out that there is actually no blowing – in the actual sense of the word – in blow jobs. There’s a lot of sucking and gagging involved, however, and usually a lot of moaning. The word ‘blow’ was added because, at the end, the guy is supposed to cum, and cum hard.

Having sex with someone you love is better – Many of the sources we look to for an idea of what sex will be like, make it seem like sex is always good, whether it’s with a stranger, a friend with benefits or a Fleshlight sex toy – but it’s a lie. Sex is much better with someone you love because emotions are a big part of what sex is all about.

You can’t read each other’s mind – No one actually tells you that, sometimes, you have to actually tell the other person to stop, or that you don’t like something being done to you, or that you do enjoy that weird thing. Sex should be a consensual discussion, where you have to tell them what you like and don’t like and you have to brace yourself and expect them to hate what you love doing the most. That is what gives a couple good sexual chemistry: understanding and fulfilling each other’s needs.

That once you pop, sometimes you stop – When I first had sex, I was shocked to discover that it didn’t mean that I would get to have sex whenever I wanted to. I hadn’t realised that there would be dry spells – sometimes as long as two years! It was a horrible revelation, and something I wish I had been told about before.

Sex is okay – We are often made to believe that having sex is something underground, but in reality, having sex is godly. It is a necessity and the only way to make sure our species survives. It is fun and sexy and enjoyable – so long as it’s practised safely. Don’t be ashamed of having sex and don’t be afraid to flaunt your naked body. You were created through sex and you should enjoy having sex.

That’s all my wisdom about sex. Do you know anything else? Let us know in the comments’ box below!

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