Dak Li Jghodd

Dak Li Jghodd – Babies & Toddlers: Every Tuesday at 18:00hrs Dak Li Jghodd – Teens: Every Saturday at 18:40hrs Claire Agius Ordway, photography Gianfranco Stellini

This coming October, Claire Agius Ordway returns with not one, but two TV programmes!

Last year saw the beginning of her successful TV series, Dak Li Jghodd which in English means ‘what really matters.’ This series was dedicated to pregnancy, childbirth and the upbringing of babies and toddlers during their first few years of life.

The coming season promises to once again be an educational and informative guide for all parents and caregivers and besides this, never one to rest on her laurels, Claire has come up with yet another original weekly show – Dak Li Jghodd – Teens.

Adolescence refers to those teenage years, between 13 and 19, and can be considered as the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. This period in an adolescent’s life can be a time of disorientation but also of discovery. The various changes it brings about, can raise issues of independence and self-identity. Many adolescents and their peers face difficult choices regarding school work, sexuality, drugs, alcohol, future career options and their social life. Peer groups, romantic interests and external appearance tend to naturally increase in importance during a teen’s passage into adulthood.

For both teens and their caregivers, this stage in life can be quite a struggle. Dealing with ever-changing circumstances and facing new experiences can be tough. The flow of communication, mutual understanding, the expression of thoughts and concerns can be difficult and at times impossible!

Dak Li Jghodd – Teens will be addressing all sorts of teen-related issues which are definitely of interest to their parents or caregivers. Through informative features and the participation of various experts, the series aspires to be a source of concrete support during this crucial period of life.

The programme’s ultimate aim is to encourage anyone who is responsible for the upbringing of teens and help them guide their kids in the right direction by inspiring them to develop into healthy, happy, responsible and well-rounded adults.

Dak Li Jghodd – Babies & Toddlers: Every Tuesday at 18:00hrs on ONE TV

Dak Li Jghodd – Teens: Every Saturday at 18:40hrs on ONE TV

For more information about these programmes, visit: facebook.com/daklijghodd