Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

© Julie Nicholls/CORBIS

The summer’s over. You have travelled to exotic locations and spent time getting a wonderful tan on the beach, and then you meet someone different, someone who you think you could have a real future with.

The only problem is … they live 2000 miles away.

So how do you make that summer romance beat the distance?

1)    Be certain that an LDR is what you both want. It will definitely not last unless you are both willing to spend money on flights and presents, to stay awake to counteract the time difference and to trust each other entirely.

2)    Skype is undoubtedly the best invention for long-distance couples because you can look at each other. Even if you can’t be bothered to talk, it’s a nice idea to just leave Skype logged on and hear each other pottering about.

3)    Do not over analyse Facebook. Although technology has massively helped LDRs, it is also responsible for far too many arguments. Why did you like her photo? Where did you meet that guy? If it bothers you that much, ask about it, but not with an accusing tone.

4)    Work out how often you need to meet. There tends to be noticeable periods where, unless you see each other, you become distant and argumentative. Establish when this is and plan your trips in advance to stop this from happening.

5)    Actually stick to your plans. The worst feeling ever is getting excited and grooming (how true is this, ladies?!), only for the trip to be scuppered because one person didn’t book time off work.

6)    Try and take turns when you see each other. This creates a sense of balance and demonstrates equal commitment towards the relationship.

7) Never ever argue by text / email / anything where you can’t actually hear each other. Not comprehending the tone will make those bad moments even worse.

8)    Try and reserve things that you both like to do for when you’re together. Going to the cinema, eating Greek food or even watching New Girl will feel so much more special.

9)    Be honest as soon as possible. If you are struggling to stay faithful / interested in the LDR, just say so. Maybe a compromise can be made before you consider breaking up.

10)  Stay in love. This might sound weird but just that you should try and keep in mind what made you get into an LDR in the first place. Simply put, why are you in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend?