Honey Shave Shaving Gel

Specially designed for men, this gel incorporates all the healing properties of various natural ingredients for a better shave, without the consequences usually associated with shaving.

Honey Shave Shaving Gel is soothing since it contains royal jelly. Recognised by the Ancient Egyptians for the treatment of cuts, scrapes and wounds, this time-honoured ingredient is an effective soothing balm.

Honey Shave Shaving Gel has skin healing properties due to another traditional ingredient, manuka oil. This is extracted from a species of manuka tree, a tea tree which only grows on the east cape of New Zealand. The Maori recognised its healing qualities and have utilised it for medicinal purposes for centuries. Today, it is frequently used in skin care and cosmetic products.

Honey Shave Shaving Gel helps to avoid soreness after shaving due to its passion oil component.

The Honey Shave range of products includes the shaving gel, oil and moisturising balm.

Just perfect for the perfect shave.

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