Attending The London Fashion Week

Vintage Levis Vintage bag and lots of pattern Tribal, ethnic headbands are VERY popular This lady runs a modelling agency for disabled people, her style is lovely Sneakers in various forms are THE shoe of the season Satchels! In funky colours Quirky bags are all the rage, especially cuddly ones Jumpsuit FUR and embroidery patterns worked together Frills Elegant and stylish Dapper gentleman with every detail styled A velvet tuxedo suit perfection
Photos: Caroline Paris

It is very hard to describe in words the atmosphere at Somerset House, the place where twice a year London’s (and a lot of other nationalities) fashion elite congregate. Watching the people walking around, most of them dressed to absolute perfection, some of them with slightly wacky outfits but always, always stylish, it really is quite a sight.

There’s simply so much to take in. From the 150 designers exhibiting in Somerset House, to all the catwalk shows happening every thirty minutes – it is really quite amazing. And then there’s also the fashion scout shows, which feature the designers who are perhaps slightly less established. We must also mention all the various events and parties which are taking place around the City. There’s just so much happening.

Following social media is quite an essential part of being at The London Fashion Week – it’s basically your key to knowing what’s going on. The catwalk shows themselves are also an experience, especially the ones with the ‘bigger names.’ These are often held in large tents and can be spotted by the large queues forming outside them with men and women clutching their tickets as though to say “I got in, I got in!” When the show begins, it’s a camera and mobile frenzy as every person tries to get the best picture and the first tweet in.

The shows are really impressive with beautiful pieces, perfect models, interesting hair and make-up looks, grand finales and at one show I went to – gospel music!

This feels like one big lovely fashion party.