The Client – A TV Programme With A Difference

Anyone who enjoys keeping up with trends in the beauty and fashion industry will certainly enjoy the programme, The Client, which will be aired on NET TV from next October.

This 45 minute programme will assist a number of clients to create some stunning advertising from its initial stages right to the final photography and filming of the shoot. There will be 26 advertisements in all.

The production team will meet with the clients and together, they will determine what marketing message needs to be portrayed. They will select an appropriate theme for the advertisement and the production team will then organise every aspect of what is required, from the selection of the model to the clothing he or she will wear.

The programme will be led by former model, Claudia Calleja, who after fifteen years in the beauty and fashion industry is very familiar with such projects. During the making of different advertisements each week, she will lead her professional team to attain the best look possible.

Her team includes the following professionals:

– Diane Nikolic – a professional makeup artist who will show televiewers different ways in which to capture a desired look using makeup.

– Marielle Calleja – as an award-winning hairstylist, she will illustrate how to achieve many different hairstyles.

– Various fashion stylists will collaborate with the team to select the most appropriate clothing for the model of each advertisement.

Sue Caruana – as a master nail technician, she will ensure that every look is complete with perfect nails in up-to-the-minute colours.

Tonio Lombardi is the team’s photographer and will lead each model’s photoshoot.

– Beauty tips by Diane will be sponsored by Environ Skincare.

As they create the required look for the advertisement, all the professionals will explain the techniques they are using and will highlight important aspects that need to be considered for the perfect advertisement. Their work will be captured in a final photo shoot.

This programme will therefore reflect the process of creating an effective advertisement from A to Z and will surely become a weekly appointment for all those interested in the beauty and fashion industry.

The Client, which is being produced by PINK Communications, will be aired on NET TV every Tuesday at 9.35 pm with a repetition on Sunday mornings.


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