Interview With Verjiniq Todorova


Name & Surname: Verjiniq Todorova

Date of Birth: 27.01.1994

Star Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: Full time mum

Where are you from? Bulgaria

Describe yourself in one word: Ambitious

A country which you would like to visit?

A country?…Difficult to pick just one, I would like to go all around the world!

Something you cannot live without? My child

Do you have any hobbies? Studying languages, cognitive psychology and dance!

Do you have any fashion Idol? Marilyn Monroe

What do you think of modelling?

I think it is a very good way to find out more about yourself!

You’ve won the lottery. What would you do with the money?

I would help as many children that need support and aid. If possible, I would adopt a child.

Mention something you are proud of that you did yourself.

I’m  proud of being a mother to a child, and of my opportunity to live a beautiful life.

What  makes you angry?

People who lie make me very angry! Why lie?

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