Preparing For University


It is that time of the year again when I start getting excited about going back to University. Fresher’s week, catching up with friends you have not seen in a while, events, stands everywhere on campus leaving very little space to wander around. It is all this disorder that makes the experience what it is.

While the tips below may seem obvious, actually thinking about them can help make one’s life at University much easier, especially if students are still starting their first year.

Put together your timetable

As random as it may sound, the first thing one should do is organise their timetable. This helps you to plan your days well ahead (or is it just me who’s a planning freak?) and know from before how much time you will be spending on campus.

Think of your bag essentials

No, I am not just talking about beauty and girly bits. A portable phone charger has become quite a staple nowadays – who wants to run out of battery while roaming the internet when we’re supposed to be doing God knows what else? Laptop, laptop charger, iPad, Kindle … what else?

Connect with University on social media

It is very likely that your course department will have a Facebook page where they post daily updates that are sometimes not sent by email. Also, join or create groups specifically for your course year. It would be ideal to first try and solve your queries with other students instead of bombarding the lecturers with emails.

Set a budget

It is very tempting to get together and lunch outside in the many cafes which surround the University. Whilst this may sound pleasant and sociable, doing it every day will most likely break the bank. Organising something once in a while would be nice, but your bank account would thank you for planning your own meals to take with you, which you could still enjoy with your friends.

See what books you need to buy

Saying that, do not go all out and purchase every book listed in your credits’ section. See if they are available at the library and go and have a look at them, no need to take them back home. If not, wait for the first lecture to see if you actually need to buy the book – some lecturers will provide their own notes and you may just need to supplement with some extra information. This is where the internet comes in handy.

In the meantime, keep enjoying what’s left of summer before all the hard work that comes with being a university student.