Do You Want To Afterwork? Yes Please!

When I was a ‘Parisian bobo,’ [Bohemian Bourgeois] frolicking through the streets of the Marais in Paris, there was an unmissable daily event: the afterwork.

After a day of work, chained to the uncomfortable office chair, illuminated by the pale light of your computer screen, there is nothing better than getting something to drink with your colleagues and / or friends before heading back home.

Common activities include, but are not limited to, drinking, discussing work, buzzing about co-workers who are not gathered around the table and speaking ill of the boss. Once the venting is sure to have cleansed one’s system from all the negativity, a comfortable silence ensues followed by casual topics seasoned with inside jokes and laughter.

This typical habit found in most of the larger chaotic European capitals begins to settle in the Maltese capital, colloquially known as il-Belt, where dozens of bars and pubs inflame the evening with their concerts and cocktails.

In a spectacularly baroque Valletta background, the artists are nestled in a single framework, performing outdoors or inside the clubs, bringing to life the quaint winding streets of il-Belt.

Last week, sitting at a renowned bar which is contributing to Valletta’s nightlife, I was impressed by the skill of a Maltese singer whose name is unknown to me but whose talent was definitely indisputable.

It is no secret that Valletta is turning into a place where you can sip a cool glass of wine in the company of friends to the soundtrack of live music. There are many places that offer a different and alternative choice. I can’t not mention Bridge Bar with its popular Friday Jazz nights and Café Jubilee.

Strada Stretta, which has recently been converted into a dimly lit lounge setting and which offers a wide selection of small restaurants and pubs for an intimate and alternative night.

To complete the picture, if you take a walk down to the sea, there is the Valletta Waterfront with numerous restaurants where I could ask for one (or possibly more) gin and tonic/s with cucumber in an elegant and fashionable environment.

The icing on the cake in il-Belt‘s night is that it is not made for the same kids who are dazzled by the lights of the Paceville clubs. Have we, the late twenties, maybe finally found our place? I don’t know, but certainly a different choice makes the events on Maltese agenda more varied and certainly richer!

Soft lights, candles, wonderful voices, Radiohead’s covers, a good Piña Colada and you’re done!

Afterworkers do it better!