Miss Malta 2014 at Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta

MISS ATTARD  Rebecca Bonnici is a 20 year old University student and works in a jewellery shop. She enjoys preparing new recipes experimenting with various unusual ingredients. Miss Attard likes to read in her free time. MISS BIRKIRKARA  Rodianne Gatt is 21 years old. She has been modelling for the past seven years. Rodianne describes herself as a very humble person. Miss Birkirkara’s main hobby is cooking and her favourite food is pasta. MISS BIRZEBBUGA  Nicole Polidano is a 19 year old english teacher. Her motto is to always be positive in life. She enjoys doing gymnastics and athletics and to keep herself fit. Miss Birzebbuga likes to take part in dance shows. MISS FGURA  Lorraine Barbara has a very bubbly and energetic personality. Her main hobbies are reading romance books and drawing. Miss Fgura’s favourite dish is seafood. Lorraine is currently an engineering student. MISS FLORIANA  Pearl Haber is a very energetic person and enjoys doing fitness and training. Miss Floriana works as an english support teacher. Her favourite food is pasta and one of her favourite hobbies is shopping. MISS GOZO  Lorita Curmi lives in Sannat. She describes herself as a very adventurous person. Miss Gozo likes to work out and eat healthy. Her main hobby is buying new clothes as Lorita likes to keep herself up to date with fashion. MISS HAMRUN  Maria Abela is a very adventerous person and is always ready for new challenges. She likes travelling abroad, danicing and going to the gym to keep herself fit. Miss Hamrun started modelling from the age of thirteen. MISS ST. JULIANS  Mandy Galea describes herself as a very humble person. Her biggest passion is drama and has been involved in various maltese drama on local television. Miss St. Julian has been modelling since she was a young girl. MISS MARSASCALA  Veronica Buttigieg is 23 years old and works as a secretary in a company. Her favourite idol is Enrique Iglesias. Miss Marsascala enjoys playing basketball. She loves italian food especially pizza which is her favourite dish. MISS MELLIEHA  Jessica Cassar is 23 years old and works in a Bank branch. Her biggest interest is acting both on stage and in television drama series. She studied acting in USA. In her free time Miss Mellieha enjoys shooting at disks. MISS MOSTA  MarieClaire Portelli is a 19 year old MCAST student. She is very keen on photography and videography and likes to always learn new techniques. Her favourite idol is Lana Del Rey. In her free time, Miss Mosta enjoys swimming. MISS NAXXAR  Jessica Gherxi is an 18 year old student. She has been modelling for the past five years. Her biggest interest is photo modelling. Miss Naxxar likes to practice dancing in her free time as for her it’s a way of keeping fit. MISS QORMI  Manuela Falzon describes herself as a very adventurous and hardworking person. She has been modelling for the past six years. Miss Qormi enjoys going out with friends and travelling to visit different countries. MISS RABAT  Josianne Bajada is a guidance and PSD teacher. She is originally from Qala and is still pursuing her studies. Her main hobby is travelling abroad and likes to visit different countries every year. Miss Rabat’s favourite food is maltese cuisine. MISS SLIEMA  Natalya Galdes is 20 years old. In her free time she enjoys taking part in drama but her favourite hobby is singing and would like to start competing in singing contests. Miss Sliema describes herself as a very cheerful person. MISS ST. PAUL’S BAY  Amanda Zammit has been modelling for several years. She is the owner of clothes shops as fashion is her biggest passion. Miss St. Paul’s Bay likes to work out at the gym regularly and her favourite food is meat. MISS SWIEQI  Yanica Mifsud admits that she is a workaholic. She is a full time nail technician and also enjoys studying on nail art designs. During her free time Miss Swieqi like to go out with her friends and workout to keep herself fit. MISS VALLETTA  Isabel Portelli is 21 years old and is currently studying at University. Miss Valletta enjoys applying make-up and creating different looks. Her favourite food is pizza. She likes watching football and practicing swimming. MISS ZABBAR  Wilhelmina Farrugia is 20 years old. She like to spend a lot of her free time knitting. She says it is a way of relaxation. Miss Zabbar describes herself as very shy and kind hearted. She has been modelling for several years. MISS ZURRIEQ  Maria Ellul is 20 years old and currently works in a retail shop. She loves experimenting with fashion and clothing. Her favourite food is pasta and her favourite sport is netball. Miss Zurrieq describes herself as a perfectionist.

This year marks the 51st anniversary of the Miss Malta pageant. It’s the most prestigious title on our islands as it was the first pageant ever to be held in Malta. It was created by the late George and Margaret (Deggie) Gatt Mangion. This year, for the first time ever, it’s being organised by Glow Promotions under the management of Alan J. Darmanin and Jeff Francalanza. The gala finale will see 20 finalists competing for the title, each of them representing a different locality. The Miss Malta winner will have the opportunity of representing our country in the Miss Intercontinental pageant which will be held in Jordan plus a year packed with various opportunities.

Miss Malta 2014 is being held on 19th September 2014 and will be aired live on ONE from the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. The public can vote for their favourite contestant by sending the locality that she is representing in an SMS on 50615299.

Tickets for the final night cost €15 and can be bought directly from the organisation whilst more information can be found on the official website www.missmalta.net