Make-Up for a Photo Shoot

Photo shoots seem to be the latest craze today. Everybody seems to be having his / her photos taken. So, here are some basic facts when it comes to applying make-up in preparation for a photo shoot.

There are quite specific techniques which are required when applying make-up for a photo shoot. Also, make-up for photography taken inside a studio is different to when make-up is applied for outside photography due to the type of lighting and whether there is artificial or natural (daylight) lighting.

Make-up has to last a long time due to all the heat and lights. Skin needs to be flawless. With today’s high definition cameras, every pimple, scar, open pore and flaw will show.

Before you start applying your makeup, apply a face primer. This is usually a silky transparent fluid, which helps to close pores to avoid perspiration and oil extraction and also gives the face a smooth silk-like finish. Then use concealer under the eyes. If the area under the eyes has dark circles which are very blue and dark, an orange concealer can be used. With the concealer, cover any pimples or other blemishes. If the pimples are very red, then a green concealer should be used.

Apply the foundation. This should preferably be a compact foundation for better coverage. Powder well to avoid shine from oil and sweat.

Here are some quick facts about what make-up to use and when:

– For an outside shoot, less make-up should be used.

– Avoid shimmery eye shadows with glitter, whether for an outside shoot or a studio shoot.

– For studio shoots, you can apply more blusher.

When it comes to lipsticks, it is necessary to apply this carefully and then blot and re-apply. You may wish to apply a lip gloss over it. Lip gloss alone does not have a lot of staying powder and will have to be re-applied during the shoot.

The final step is to use a fixing spray. This should keep your make-up in place for at least four hours.

When it comes to men, they too should wear discreet make-up for photo shoots. Once again, any pimples, flaws or discolouration of their skin tone should be concealed. A base of compact foundation can then be applied and lightly powdered to avoid shine. Lightly brush some matt bronzer on the cheeks.

Men’s eyebrows can be touched with eyebrow powder and eyebrows neatened with an eyebrow gel. A transparent lip balm will remove all traces of powder. A fixing spray can be used to make the look last longer.