An Engagement Ring to Seal the Deal

Originally, engagement rings had a clear purpose, they acted as a business contract between the woman who had the ring and her fiancé. It was customary for rich people to provide an engagement ring as a show of binding between the two parties, at a time when weddings were recognised for what they really are; a business contract.

An engagement ring used to seal the deal and offer a number of unspoken benefits, a sampling of the goods if you like. If the deal was broken, the deal was off and the engagement ring used to be the collateral that acted as compensation for the vulnerable party, very often the woman.

This tradition no longer serves its original purpose. Women are financially independent and women buy or help buy their ring. However obsolete the original meaning of the engagement ring, it is hard to believe that such a tradition will ever cease. It is part and parcel of the journey that leads to the wedding day. However, it is a sure case that the sexist idea that an engagement ring represents the husband’s ownership has long been forsaken.

So whether you are getting a diamond, emerald, ruby or any other precious stone for your engagement ring, let it be a symbol of love between two people and a representation of a promise for a bright future together.