Where To Mingle With The Artsy Crowd in Malta

©Steve Bonello - The Combo

If you want to hang out with the artsy crowd in London, you head to East London or Soho – but where do you go if you want to hang out with Malta’s emerging arsty crowd? Here’s the answer.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that V18 is approaching or the fact that Malta’s culture scene is booming, but either way, Malta’s artsy crowd is blossoming – and they’re super fun to hang out with.

But where do they go? And how do you mingle with them?

The Socialites: The best way to hang out with the artsy crowd has to be Valletta. Places like StrEat, Tico Tico and Trabuxu are particularly renowned for their patrons and be it after an exhibition, a concert or Fashion Week, this is where you are likely to meet the designers, musicians, models and socialites who are slowly-but-surely becoming part of Malta’s popular culture.

The Theatre People: Going to the theatre is a multi-faceted experience. In fact, apart from getting to enjoy one of the many great productions being staged, going to the theatre will give you the chance to meet our on-stage stars and the people who are in the scene. You’ll also have a good excuse to speak to them. Be warned though, the Theatre People are a very exclusive bunch and it’s very rare that someone who is not directly involved in theatre gets in the inner circles. Legligin, Trabuxu and Inspirations at St James are also ideal to spot and chat to these people.

The Fashion Crowd: If it’s the fashion crowd you want to hang out with, then your best bet is to go to a fashion event – duh! From fashion shows to brand launches to fashion parties, you will find a good amount of the inner Fashion Crowd – designers, models, stylists, bloggers, make-up artists, photographers, magazine editors – at these events. The best way to keep up with what’s going on is to LIKE as many brands on Facebook as you can and keep up to date with the bloggers – they will always reveal their whereabouts.

The Gozitan Renaissance Team: If there is one thing the past couple of years have taught us is that Gozo has a lot of talent on offer: and it hangs out together. If you’re Gozitan, your admission will almost certainly be accepted, if you’re not, then the best way to mingle with them is either at Grotta on a Saturday night or Piano Lounge in winter.

The Writers: If you fancy a slice of our very own Shakespeares and Atwoods, then the English Department at the University of Malta is surely your best bet. They often organise many linguistic and literary events and talks, and you can meet both established and up-and-coming writers there.

Have any other hints and tips? Let us know in the comments’ sections!