Interview with FLOREN SULTANA

Date of Birth: 27/09/1991

Where do you live: San Gwann

Status: Forever young

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Nail technician / makeup artist & owner of a restaurant

Media-related occupation: Singer

Floren Sultana is both a singer and an actress. At the tender age of five, one could already see Floren’s passion for music. She has been relentless in pursuing the art ever since. Like other successful singers, Floren started her career with baby steps, joining a choir, particularly with Doreen Galea and participating in a number of local song festivals.

By the time she was thirteen, Floren had already formed her band, Chordust, which is still a huge part of her life, today. The band was very successful from the start, especially in the local radio arena, dominating the charts for a full four weeks. Floren has also written and co-written some of the band’s best hits, which include the songs Not a Fan and Hyberbolic Attitude, both of which were major hits.

Floren shares that she was lucky that a number of people in the industry encouraged her and supported her to develop her talent. As a budding artist, Floren also sought to explore her talents through various media and then through other forms of performances.

In 2011, Floren was one of the protagonists of IZOLATI, a reality show boasting a large number of local personalities. Floren was one of the people’s favourite in this adventure. This eventually led to the start of her career television. For two years, Floren was chosen as resident singer for the TV programme Appuntament, where Floren performed acoustic style music every week. This participation further fuelled her passion for the entertainment industry and show business and in 2012 Floren gained an acting role in the popular TV drama Xablott.

Floren then looked beyond the shores of the Maltese islands for opportunities. In 2013, Floren took part in the world famous programme X Factor, making it to the third audition. With a smile she suggests that next year she will do even better and hopefully reach the finals.

With the recent launch of her first music video, Favourite Waste of Time, Floren has achieved another important milestone in her music career.

Tell me more about the music video you have just launched

When creating a music video, I always try to include a sense of what I would be feeling throughout my life. During this music video, I tried to show what a girl goes through as an adolescent and it also includes her feelings in her love life.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

That will have to be on clothes to keep up with today’s fashion.

What do you do most when travelling or holidaying?

Partying – shopping – having fun.

What role does technology play in your life?

Nowadays, technology is an integral part of our lives and it helps us achieve the things we want to achieve.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

As you know, money is a girl’s best friend – not only with girls, but with everyone, so due to this I work hard to enjoy life in the best way possible.

What are the main inspirations for your next single or music video?

There can be a lot of things which can inspire you as you go through life, but usually I try to base my songs on real life experiences and to connect with people around me and to interact with all those around me.