For the Ladies – Ten Signs That You Are Getting Old

1. You are always familiar with half of the items that are in fashion right now because you remember wearing something similar, twenty years ago.

2. Ten years ago, you were so excited that you were at that stage in your life when your friends were all getting married. Today, you are just sad because they are all getting separated or divorced.

3. You still think the catch phrases of the moment include “Kemm int faqa’,” or “tal-genn” and “x’buzz!” which can be literally translated as ‘How cool you are!’ ‘Amazing’ and ‘What a buzz!

4. Before you go to sleep you spend an hour applying creams – one for your eyes, one for your face, one for your hands, one for your ankles, one for your cellulite and the list goes on and on and on.

5. “You have a lot of make-up on” is now actually a compliment.

6. You used to sing your heart out while driving with the volume full on, now volume is always set on low (and you actually enjoy the quiet time) and you don’t even know the lyrics of most of the songs playing on the radio.

7. Every day, somewhere new hurts you, today it is your back, tomorrow it’s your neck and so on.

8. Every time you go to Paceville, there are a couple of new bars … Even more.

9. For four hours of drinking, you need 48 hours to recover.

10. You look forward to an evening where you actually have nothing to do.

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