Emotional Eating

Indulging in food is often directly connected to our emotions and state of mind. If we’re anxious, worried or going through difficult times, eating habits usually go one way or the other, depending on various factors. While one person may miss meals, another will increase his or her intake of food to fill that feeling of helplessness.

If you analyse the situation carefully, the need for comfort food comes from the mind and not as some may think from the stomach. Breathing exercises, meditation or yoga are key to clearing the noise in our heads to actually be able to deal with whatever we may be going through in a productive way.

Be aware of your breathing, close your eyes and slowly take ten long, deep breathes. Continue this until you feel you have achieved a sense calm which will help you function clearly and effectively.

If this is not ‘your thing,’ you may wish to consider using Ashwagandha. This is a natural herb which is used in Asia to calm a ‘fast’ mind and the vata air in your body. According to Ayurveyda, which has been defined as ‘a system of Hindu traditional medicine, native to the Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine,’ every person is made up of three constitutions: vata, pitta and kapha (air, fire and ester)

We all have one which is dominant. What we eat and how we deal with lessening that predominant dosha is key to becoming balanced and in good health. If you are generally fast-paced and have an over-active mind, you generally fall under the vata constitution. It is recommendable to take Ashwagandha every morning before your first meal. This can help you to have a de-stressed day whilst also boosting your immunity.

Sleep well, eat well and drink more water!

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