Is Shopping Anti-Feminist?


Turn on the TV and you will find yourself drowning in gender-targeted advertising. Our minds are slowly indoctrinated with the idea that we need to buy certain products to improve ourselves in some way or other. And what I find particularly curious is that when we look back at examples from history, we find it completely bewildering that women wore bone corsets and caused permanent damage to their spines. And yet, here we are: buying false eyelashes, which slowly pull out our own.

So I ask you, is shopping anti-feminist?

Labelling the act of shopping as ‘misogynistic’ would imply that women hate themselves. I do not believe that is true. Instead, I precisely use the word ‘anti-feminist’ because the general idea behind feminism is to liberate women from a prototype image.

If you buy seductive red lipstick or a slimming black dress, are you conforming to the notion of the ‘ideal woman’? And if so, does that mean you are encouraging this narrow-minded view of what women should be – a view feminists are so desperate to abolish?

The media is monumentally influential in the portrayal of gender. Nevertheless, half-dressed women strewn in seductive poses have become so ubiquitous that we are almost immune to them. We even aspire to be like them.

Therefore, if we refused to buy products where the advertising is inherently sexist, we would be expressing what is or isn’t acceptable. Refusing to fund companies that make women look like objects where only their looks matter, would essentially be a feminist protest.