Interview with RIKKI LEE

Photo: David Attard

Date of Birth: Somewhere in the 80’s

Where do you live: Marsaxlokk

Nationality: Maltese

Status: Single

Star Sign: Taurus

Main occupation: Musician/Songwriter

RIKKI LEE is a Maltese musician with an English background. He began his early life on the island of Malta, but emigrated to London as a child and grew up in the London music scene. This was instrumental in shaping who he is today and gave him musical direction. His determination to write music became a drug to him at the early age of ten when he composed his first songs on the keyboard. He believed he was destined to be a keyboard player, but after a few years, he built the confidence to take centre stage and deliver unique and energetic performances.

Rikki Lee has been in many bands, playing at top venues to large audiences where his style was described as unique and one of a kind. He draws his inspiration from music with great melodies and strong vocal/instrumental hooks.

He eventually created his own group called the 51/50s, which enabled him to express his movement and creativity on and off the stage, as well as to help him build a name as a prominent songwriter. The band’s debut song went to number 26 in the UK charts – the highest entry of an unsigned band with a following on Myspace of over 250,000 fans. Their second release was charting in Finland, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The band went on to secure a record deal and to tour around Europe, fulfilling one of Rikki’s long term dreams. Their music reached places the band could never imagine … from the leading series Jersey Shore in the US, to the six o’clock news in China.  “Those were some of the best days of my life and what made it better was the guys I toured with … we were inseparable and will remain friends, forever,” stated Rikki Lee.

Now he returns to the island with the intention to establish the band Gypsy Genes which has already released two singles. Both of these singles topped the charts and received nominations for best newcomers. He is now ready to embark on a new musical journey which he hopes will help him become more established as a musician.

“I believe these next few years will deliver something greater than I can truly imagine musically and to share it with people is all that counts,” explained Rikki Lee.

What is you real full name?

Rikki Lee Scicluna.

From where did you obtain your stage name – Rikki Lee?

It made sense because none of my friends could pronounce Scicluna, in fact I was called Rikki Shoe cleaner at school!!

You are normally described as a Maltese musician with an English background. What is your real connection to Malta?

I am originally from Mellieha. Then at an early age, I left with my parents to live in London but I regularly visited Malta to see family and friends. I consider this to be my true home and now I’m finally here to stay.

What would you never buy?

A Justin Bieber record.

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you do really well?

There was a time while I was in the UK when I worked as a chef and I worked in some nice restaurants and hotels – Italian food is my speciality!

What are your views on plastic surgery?

Not for me, but if it makes the person happy, then that’s all that counts.

Tell us something about your recently launched single SMILE.

This is the most positive track I have ever wrote. I was going through quite a tough time last year and I seemed to understand that everything would work out eventually. I looked at the positive things in life and realised everything can be possible with just a ‘smile’ – mix this with some Maltese sunshine, a pretty girl and a big dance section you have what it is today. It’s the style I will now carry on writing and I really do love this track very much. |