In Defence of Tattoos

Angelina Jolie Yakuza Artoria Gibbons

Tattoos are for the people who see deeper than the epidermis, for the romantics, for the people who ponder over the same thoughts continuously. Tattoos are for people who need to express themselves.

Body modification has become such a huge part of our culture that no one seems to bat an eyelid when it comes to piercings, body-building or butt implants. That’s why it baffles me when people say “What if your tattoo looks horrible when you’re older?” To be honest, my whole body is probably going to look horrible and a bit of ink isn’t going make that much difference. Plus, I hope that I become a fifty year old who is confident enough not to care about appearances.

Some think tatts are garish and ugly. However, tattoos are pieces of art – where your body is the gallery. Some exhibitions are not to everyone’s taste. But no matter who visits, you are the curator. You are responsible for what is on display. And this is perhaps the most exciting part of tattoos – they are entirely about self-expression.

Many people get inked to eternalise a memory – whether that’s the final words a loved one said, or the memory of a crazy lad’s holiday. But then, of course, this is where tattoo opponents ask, “What if you regret it?” It seems a lot of people who regret their tattoos are those who can no longer connect to what they were meant to represent (an ex girlfriend’s name, a quote that seems unnecessary now, a pattern that once seemed cool). But what someone does to their own body has no effect on you and you are therefore not in a position to judge!