Say Goodbye to Facial Hair


Laser hair removal is a solution for removing unwanted hair through the exposure of laser light pulses that destroy the hair follicle. If excessive facial hair has always been an issue for you and you have had enough of regular trips to your beautician, here are a few facts about laser hair removal.

First of all, it is best if you get a consultation, usually these are free and you will be given the whole run down of what it is all about. This treatment works very effectively on people with dark hair and light skin, so if you have been tanning, you might have to wait for the winter months. Moreover, if you are blonde, it might not work on you whereas if you have dark skin it might cause discolouration.

Choose the area you want to treat. The procedure can get pricey so if you just need to treat your upper lip, just do that. Make sure you stop taking any antibiotics at least two weeks before your appointment as these can cause bad reactions to your skin.

It is important to understand that it takes a while for the hair to disappear. Through my experience, it can take around ten appointments for the hair to stop resurfacing as fast. The time between appointments grows longer after each appointment with the effect lasting for months.

Another important thing you have to be aware of is that you cannot wax or tweeze before or in between the appointments, as the hair follicle needs to be present for the laser pulses to destroy it. Before you go for the appointment you are also required to shave.

Although the treatment does not hurt as waxing might, the sensation is not a pleasant one and it may leave your skin feeling sore. After you have the treatment, make sure to soothe the skin by using aloe Vera.

Also apply sunscreen faithfully as exposure to the sun is more prone to result in pigmentation and skin discolouration.