Interview with Raisa Piscopo


Name & Surname: Raisa Piscopo

Date of Birth: 19/11/1991

Star Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: Supervisor – FTIAS

Where are you from? Santa Lucia

Describe yourself in one word: Ambitious

A country which you would like to visit? United States of America

Something you cannot live without? My mobile

Do you have any  hobbies? Singing – I’m currently working on a single which will be launched in the coming months.

Do you have any fashion Idol? Kate Moss

What do you think of modelling? It is a way of enhancing beauty.

You’ve won the lottery. What would you do with the money?

I would travel, set up my own company and give some to charity.

Mention something you are proud of that you did yourself.

I sang in foreign countries and met different people with different cultural perspectives.

What makes you angry? Immature and proud persons!

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