Here are some good reasons why you should ‘eat in season’ i.e. follow nature’s rhythm when consuming food:

It’s tastier

For most of us, the taste is the most important reason to buy what’s in season. A fruit or vegetable that is allowed to grow in its natural environment is going to taste better than the one which is grown in man-made conditions or the one which is flown around the world and perhaps frozen or stored in warehouses in the interim too.

It’s cheaper

When produce is grown in season, you can get it locally and because it is easy to come by and available in abundance, the rule of supply and demand will also mean that the prices will go down. Think of how cheap tomatoes and fresh basil get in summer, or similarly how cheap artichokes become at the end of April. Month by month, you can save plenty of euros by consuming fruit and vegetables that are in season.

It‘s healthier

Transporting produce sometimes requires irradiation and preservatives (such as wax) to protect the produce which is subsequently refrigerated during the trip. All of these elements will decrease the nutrient content of your fruit and vegetables. Also, if some of this produce is harvested early so that it can endure shipping, it has not been given enough time to mature properly to its full nutrient content.

Variety is the spice of life?

Expand your horizons by eating what’s in season all year round and by the end of the year you’re likely to have been more adventurous (in the kitchen!) – Your palate will thank you for it!