Hydrate your Skin

© Push Pictures/Corbis

There is nothing worse than having skin that is feeling parched and tight from dehydration. The secret to beautiful, flawless skin is hydration and the best way to maintain this is from the inside out. While age-defying products promise you firmer and younger looking skin within days, the secret to having plumper and fresher skin, actually lies in hydration.

As the biggest organ of your body, the skin is mostly made up of water and you need at least two litres a day to help keep your body’s water volume at the right levels. However, there can be a number of other internal and external aspects that can lead to dehydration.

Skin reflects our eating habits so it is important to follow a balanced diet that is high in vitamins and proteins. Replace your sugar-heavy snacks with healthier fruit alternatives. A healthy dose of daily exercise also helps to keep the spots at bay and to unleash your inner glow.

Using a hydrating face mask will help boost hydration from deep-down in the skin. If you need a budget-friendly option, make your own mask using ingredients, such as almond oil, honey or vitamin E.

Exfoliation is also a key step in keeping your skin looking its best. Using a mild scrub once or twice a week helps to remove dead skin and reveal smoother skin that is able to absorb moisture more easily. Make sure to use a less abrasive scrub for your face than you would on your body. You can also make use of a loofah or a face cloth to better exfoliate your skin.

Moisturise your skin all over! Use SPF for during the day and a thicker, more hydrating one for during the night. Look for products that are oil-free since they are likely to cause less irritation. You can also find good face oils that help balance your oil generation and hydrate your skin deeply. Even if your skin is oily, using a face oil can help balance the oils in your face. However, stay away from mineral oil as it can clog your pores and stops it from absorbing moisture. Lastly, keep the hot steamy showers to a minimum. Go for cooler showers as they are less harmful to your skin and don’t reduce the moisture.