Interview with MDT


Why Malta Dizastru Totali?

There’s a story behind the name for this highly popular Facebook page. It all started when the person we shall simply call ‘the boss’ (MDT) was at a picnic in Selmun. When he and his friends got to the barracks area they immediately started to clear an area to set up their BBQ.

They did not get very far, when a warden approached them and informed them that outdoor cooking was prohibited in the area. They complied, however they still got a fine even though they had not even had the chance to light the fire! The warden informed them that there was a sign indicating this restriction, which clearly stated NO BBQs.

As they had not noticed any signs when they first arrived, they took the time to look for it and it certainly was not immediately visible. To their surprise, they found a rusty, bent sign with the name Malta Dizastru Totali scrawled right across it! No wonder they had not seen it!

That’s how it all started – the name simply stuck.

EVE: How many hours do you spend online?

I spend about ten hours of my day maintaining my Facebook page as well as receiving and uploading information. I spend most of my evenings on Twitter updating myself with international news. By using this site and because of time differences, I actually get to know the news before it is usually available locally. Overall, sometimes I spend up to a total of eighteen hours online each day.

EVE: What does it take to maintain such a strong social media page?

As per my answer above, I spend long hours online searching for interesting material and the latest news. I also like to include some humour too so as to keep the mood light. I give weird news a priority, my followers love it!

EVE: Will MDT ever uncover the person/s behind it?

We only uncovered our identity once. We did it for a really good cause. A woman had a baby and due to incredible financial constraints was living or rather, I should say existing in a garage, and was concerned about the safety for her child. On that day we went onsite, along with the local media NEWSBOOK and various individuals who offered to help this woman and gave her goods and other necessities.

EVE: The world before internet or now?

The world now! It is dynamic and you can have all the information you need at your fingertips. We always make sure that the sources are good though. I do not like misinterpretation and the wrong editing of a real piece of information. Do your research well!

Thank you very much for interviewing us.

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