FADS – Funny or just Pathetic?

First there was Planking, then there was Owling, afterwards things got weirder with Vadering, Teapotting, Car Surfing, Milking and Vodka eyeballing.

Have you realised what I’m talking about yet?

Yes – I am referring to different FADS.

A fad is a short term craze or manner of conduct which becomes fashionable and popular for an amount of time, and then is quickly forgotten to be replaced by something new.

Enthusiasts are usually young people or Facebook/twitter/social media aficionados.

Here is a brief explanation of the fads mentioned above for the uninitiated:

–   Planking: this involves an individual lying horizontally, face down, with stiff arms and legs on any strange available surface.

–   Owling: is when you perch on any kind of hanging surface, kind of like an owl, crouching in a sitting position while holding your knees and looking into the distance.

–   Vadering: inspired by Star Wars, Vadering is when someone pretends to choke a second person, while this other individual is at some distance, yet appears to be choking and floating in mid-air (kudos to all Photoshop users).

–   Teapotting: consists of bending your arms in the shape of a teapot.

–   Car surfing: is a dangerous craze, involving standing on the bonnet of a moving vehicle driven by a second person.

–   Milking: this means pouring a jug or bucket of milk over your head and taking a picture of the white substance dripping all over you (cool huh?)

–   Vodka eyeballing: is a drinking game in which the drinker pours a measure of vodka into his eye for a quick buzz.

I’m sure the people posing for and taking these kinds of photos are having LOADS of fun, but really, how starved for attention can you get?

Some of these fads could be pretty dangerous and in fact a number of incidents, some of them fairly serious, have happened .

At least, fad dances like the Harlem Shake and GamGam style consisted of more than just one pose and could be done safely with a number of friends and without any unpleasant consequence (I must confess, I have some misgivings on twerking though).

The epitome of all fads, mostly prevalent in Britain, is the aptly named Condom Snorting. And yes, it is EXACTLY as it sounds. Also known as the ‘condom challenge’, this involves literally snorting an unrolled condom into one’s nostril and then gagging it out of your mouth. Sooo classy right?