What Happens When the Perfect Family is built on a Dark Secret?

Unifaun Theatre Productions will tackle this issue when they stage True Love Lies by Brad Fraser at St James Cavalier on the 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31 October, 1, 2 November 2014. Ticket prices are at €18 (€15 concession) and €12 (€10 concession) on the 23 and 30 October. See the Early Bird Discount Scheme below.

The story line is as follows. Kane and Carolyn, along with their children, geeky Royce and outgoing Madison, are the typical nuclear family. But when Madison applies for a job at a new restaurant in town, a man from her parents’ past re-enters their lives, sparking a series of revelations that are humorous, searing and heartbreaking.

This sudden reappearance of David exposes suppressed emotions and desires in both parents and children and all must renegotiate and redefine their relationships as the family is ripped from their comfortable life and forced into a much more uncertain future.

“A dark, breathlessly fast and extremely funny tale of secrets and lies … graphic, fast-moving, compelling.” These were the comments about TRUE LOVE LIES as published in The Manchester Evening News.

Directed by Toni Attard, this production is set to star Ray Calleja, Jes Camilleri, Pia Zammit, Bettina Paris and Andre Agius. The script is by Brad Fraser, considered a top Canadian talent, whose shows have been successfully produced around the world. Brad Fraser is also a successful screenwriter for both television and cinema, having penned among others, the popular series Queer as Folk.

Unifaun is offering a discount on all tickets bought and collected before 13 September. Please note that discounted tickets MUST be collected before that date.

Bookings can be made through the St James Cavalier webpage or by sending an email to boxoffice@sjcav.org or by calling on telephone number 21223216.