The Elusive Male Multiple-Orgasm

Did you know that even men can have multiple orgasms? OH YES! 

We often talk about the female orgasm because we assume that the male orgasm is easier to get and comes with ejaculation. But, in reality, there is more to a man’s orgasm than ejaculation. Sex is not a sport with a goal; and when it is, the orgasm is not as real or as pleasurable as it could be.

Tantra is being in touch with your mind, body and soul; and it is the first step to getting proper (and even multiple) orgasms. Now you may think that this is easy to get, but it’s not…

In a world in which women are often said to be sexualised, the sexual power lies with them. Men (willingly or unwillingly) are given one prerequisite to sex: whether they are attracted to the person or not. Women, on the other hand, are allowed more (such as whether the man is respectful, assertive, etc.). Yes, I know all this is very sexist and stereotypical, but let’s call a spade a spade for once. The point of this is that, for the most part when it comes to sex, society has pushed men to believe that what matters in sex is the physical conquest and the relief of ejaculation and not the emotions that come with sex.

Tantra allows men to get back in touch with these emotions, and before you dub it as ‘sissy’ or ‘gay’, listen up. Forget about your penis for a while, think with your head and utilise your other body parts. Don’t think of sex as a penis-in-vagina action but as a multi-sensory experience. Talk (just not too much and not in a baby sort of way), kiss, feel (physically and emotionally), get your other body parts (nipples, neck, ears) involved and move beyond what you think of as sex to what sex really should be.

Forget that the aim of the game is to cum; cumming is fun, but it shouldn’t be the goal. Try keeping it in and enjoy the movement. It’s also not about making us cum; if you’re enjoying it and if we’re as interested in you as you are in us, then chances are we will cum too.

Other words of advice: breathe through your mouth, meditate (not during sex, silly), massage your partner and vice versa, focus on eroticism rather than screw-and-go. Live in the moment and enjoy it. The rest will blow your mind and your pipe.

Are you a man? Have you ever experienced a multiple-orgasm? Let us know in the comments section below!

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