Living with Change


I decided to start this first contribution by speaking about change because life coaching ultimately always involves some kind of metamorphosis or transformation. For this transformation, the client identifies the desired goals and works hand in hand with the life coach to achieve them.

Targets can be determined in any aspect of life and may relate to various practical situations, such as; addressing troubled interpersonal relationships, self-confidence issues, learning to prioritise properly and focusing more on the task at hand. It can also involve trying to become more effective at work, more successful at school, or even how to come to terms with an event, or take a difficult decision.

The coach helps the client to achieve more clarity, to devise a concrete plan of action and offers the necessary support throughout.  As oft quoted Heraclitus wrote “Change is the only constant in life.” Life is indeed a process of change but it is also full of opportunities for personal growth.

Certain changes in our lives come unexpectedly, whilst others are the fruits of our hard labour.  And whereas some bring about joy, such as the birth of a child or a promotion, others are not desired, such as the loss of a job, an illness, a separation or the death of a loved one. What is for sure is that whether positive or negative, all change requires a period of adaptation which requires support.

We learn through experience and attempt to improve every step of the way.  In the cycle of life, staying put is not really an option, especially when we do not feel really fulfilled.  Life is too short, and we need to live it to the full and strive to be happy, truly happy.

In my subsequent inputs, I shall tackle various types of changes and how we can deal with them most effectively.  In the meantime, be sensitive to the changes experienced by yourself and those around you.