Interview with Johann Schembri


Date of Birth: 22 September, 1979

Where Do You Live? Xghajra (Malta)

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Virgo

Main Occupation: Internal Auditor

Media-Related Occupation: Guitarist/Songwriter with Airport Impressions

JOHANN SCHEMBRI was born and raised in a typically Maltese family. Since he was a young boy, he has always been very passionate about music and creativity. He started playing a musical instrument as a boy scout and he played both the bagpipes as well as the xylophone.

As a teenager, Johann experimented with playing the guitar and tried his hand at song writing and he has never looked back since. After some musical experiences during his teenage years, he met up once again with his school friend, Errol Sammut. In 2005, they spent some time playing in Ireland and eventually returned to Malta and co-founded the band ‘Airport Impressions’.

What is your main role in the ‘Airport Impressions’ band?

My main roles definitely revolve around guitar playing and together with Errol, I’m also involved in the music / writing of lyrics. These are generally inspired by different personal and social experiences, some of which are written as individuals while others are created during rehearsals. This includes preparing demo recordings prior to actual studio recordings which I must admit, takes a lot of preparatory work in the song-writing cycle.

I believe that by practising and experimenting with the band, I have also evolved musically.

Other roles obviously include administrative work which has proven to be essential when it came to promoting this band and making it into a household name on the local music scene.

Describe your band ‘Airport Impressions’ in three words

Passionate / Melodic / Family

Do you normally hang out with the rest of your boys-band guys?

Re hanging out, we do occasionally organise a hang out together, but these are not too frequent. However, we meet at least twice or three times a week and we are in constant (daily) contact with each other. I would say this could be considered as hanging out :)

Are you a good cook? What is it that you cook really well?

I do cook occasionally and my girlfriend says that the results are good but apparently during my preparations, I use too many dishes and there’s too much cleaning and clearing to be done afterwards. I am actually quite passionate about food, I love Mediterranean cuisine, as well as Italian, Greek, Lebanese and obviously Maltese. My favourite would probably be Italian. I love experimenting with ingredients to make different sauces for pasta, salads etc. In time, I have learnt that ‘less is more’ works better with Italian food :)

Do you prefer dining out or clubbing, and why?

I would say dining out, but there’s got to be good wine around. Well, I would prefer it to clubbing, not because I’m boring, but probably I had too much of it when I was younger.

What do you think is your best asset?

I would say its dedication to what I do and my respect for others.

What makes you the most angry?

Disrespect in all senses. I can’t understand why people don’t even say thank you or at least smile when I deliberately stop the car for them.