Steps for Heat-Proof Make-Up

Chill days at the beach and endless summer nights are two of the many reasons why summer is such a great time of the year. However, living in Malta, summer also means that the heat can get quite close to what I imagine hell feels like. Therefore, when applying our daily make-up, us beauty gals have to be very careful during these hot summer months, especially if we want to make it last all day long.

Here are some useful tips on how to obtain heat proof make-up:

  1. Start off your make-up routine with a primer. Not only will this help provide a smooth base on which to apply any other make-up product; it will also lengthen the wear of your foundation or BB cream. This will help keep your skin looking fresh and keep perspiration at bay.
  1. Try to find a matte foundation with an oil-free consistency. This will control the shine on your face that might gather up throughout the day. During summer, it is more probable that you will look in the mirror and find make-up smudged all over your face if you are wearing a water-based foundation. A matte foundation will keep everything in place.
  1. Waterproof is key! Starting from waterproof powder and ending with waterproof eyeliner and mascara; whatever has the term ‘waterproof’ on it, grab it and use it during summer. If you’re not the kind of girl to go au naturel with no make-up on to the beach, your best friends will definitely be waterproof make-up products.
  1. Use cream eye-shadows and blushes for a long-lasting effect. Anything with a powdery consistency will be less heat-proof than a cream-based product. On the plus side, a cream blush will give you just the natural glow you will need for a summer time look.
  1. Switch your lipstick to a lip stain or lip gloss for that fresh summery feel. A lip stain will last longer and it is less likely to budge from your lips. Apply a lip gloss to achieve that laid-back look.

I hope these five tips will help you master that heatproof make-up you were looking for this summer. Remember to protect your skin at all times, using sunscreen and make-up products containing an SPF factor!