mCouple-Mobile Tracker


The launch of a new app called mCouple-Mobile Tracker will allow people to have constant access to their other half’s texts, Facebook messages, call logs and even their location.

Although officially the app has to have the consent of the person being monitored, many loop holes have been pointed out that means it could be done secretly and without the person’s knowledge. So with this new twist in the argument, the question is obvious. Is it ever okay to go through your partner’s phone?

62% of men in the UK admit to going through their partner’s phone, along with 34% of women, and of course that’s only the people who will admit to it! Either way that is still a large proportion of the population who, for whatever reason, have felt the need to have a quick scroll through the phone of their significant other when their backs were turned.

If you don’t find anything…

Okay, so let’s go ahead and assume that at some point in a relationship, you’ve lost all self-restraint and cracked and ended up having a snoop through your boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s phone. Whether it was from pure temptation and curiosity or if you genuinely are suspecting something, you’ve crossed the point of no return and you’re reading their private correspondence.

“It’s okay though,” you rationalise in your head, “if they don’t have anything to hide then they shouldn’t mind.” You’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for and you’ve psyched yourself up so much that you feel irrationally deflated when all you find is texts from mates inviting them out for a drink or their mum asking if they’ve been eating properly. You feel a bit guilty but not too much, unless you’ve accidently opened a Facebook message they haven’t seen yet, and then probably you’re feeling a bit flustered.

When it comes down to it, we convince ourselves that it’s alright to do this and that we’re doing no real harm, but it is actually an invasion of privacy and it will be seen as a lack of trust if they ever find out. So, unless you have a serious reason to be concerned, it’s best to step away from your partner’s phone, people.

And if you do…?

Okay so you’re in the same scenario as above, but this time you’ve found evidence of cheating. And suddenly you’re in a difficult situation because you have this information but to confront them, if that’s what you choose to do, you’ll have to admit to snooping.

To be honest though, I’ve heard people say that if you don’t want to find something out, you shouldn’t be looking. But I don’t agree with this. Ignorance may be bliss, but it doesn’t make it the best option.

This topic will always be a controversial one, not least because it brings up the argument of how much privacy you should be entitled to in a relationship. I personally think that using the new app crosses the boundary of curious into a George Orwell’s 1984 level of creepiness.

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